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May The 4th Be With You! Posted on May 27, 2016 15:04

{ Gabriel's 4th Birthday Party }

Turning 4 years old is a big deal, especially for Gabriel who loves the dark allure and excitement of STAR WARS and the innocence of Mr. Potato Head and puppet shows. Our brief was to create a fantastic party for the young New Yorker that would encompass both those passions for him. 

For the location we chose the historical Swedish Cottage in Central Park which offers wonderful puppet shows for youngsters, and has a classically rustic party room with large windows. There is nowhere like Central Park for a party but it has it's challenges. Everything has to be carried in by hand to the Cottage as there is no dropping off in the park. As I staggered across the park under the weight of a large "Yoda" cake I had to smile to myself and hope that Gabriel would be pleased!

Inspired by Gabriel's room at home we chose a palette of black, white, peacock blue and silver accents. The simple plates, cups, napkins, straws and flatware in those tones came from our e-Petite Boutique. We also used our chalkboard paper as long runners for the tables, embellished with stars from "somewhere in a galaxy far, far away."

We arranged delectable cookies and cupcakes decorated with Star Wars characters on our sweet table, along with pretzel Light Sabers. Darth Vader is Gabriel's favorite character so we found a large menacing Vader helmet balloon that hovered over the room and we used black and white balloon clusters which offered height and sparkle to the room with their mylar streamers. A life-size R2-D2 sat on the floor and was taller than most of the children!

We found a balloon artist who skillfully created light sabers and "Vader" masks for the guests. The face painter was also very popular, creating "Yodas" and "Leas" on little arms and cheeks!

At the end of the party, Gabriel was excited to send his friends home with "Star Wars" themed Mister Potato Heads. Storm Troopers, Yodas, Darth Vaders, and Princess Lea Potato Heads filled their take-home bags. I like to think Yoda would have been pleased with all our hard work - “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Styling and Party Concept: Clafoutis

Photography: Jami Saunders

x Anne

It's Your Birthday, Lucy Van Pelt! Posted on March 15, 2016 23:33

{ Marguerite's 5th Birthday }

Good Grief! My little Marguerite turned 5!

With her short bob and her bangs,  her short temper, her crabby attitude - sometimes ;-), her love of social justice and advice on life, Marguerite has more than a little bit of the Lucy Van Pelt about her! She also loves the original Peanuts cartoons so for her fifth celebration we chose a Snoopy and Lucy Party!

I wanted to stay very close to the original comic and decided on a monochrome palette, a black and white look with touches of blue. Blue is Lucy's color and my daughter's favorite color. I ordered a little blue dress just like the one Lucy wears. Marguerite was Lucy!

For the decorations I created a cut-out Snoopy from board and drew bouquets of black and white balloons. I drew Snoopy holding flowers to make the look a little more feminine. Rather than adding too much color I decided on black and white paper flower bouquets that I also drew myself.


For the sweet table I designed a cake featuring our two little characters with the party invitation as the inspiration. Marguerite loves chocolate so it was a dark chocolate cake  with chocolate fudge filling and white chocolate frosting.

I also ordered her favorite treat of whoopie pies - and they were perfect with our monochrome look!

For the decorated cookies I wanted to recreate an edible comics with all the funny expressions that Lucy uses. The cookies were hilarious! The children were asking us to read their cookies ;-) We also had 3D characters cookies and adorable Woodstock cake bites.

For activities the children painted a ceramic Snoopy dog house and we watched Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown! (And Don't Come Back!!) in which Charlie Brown visits France. Our little guests adored the theme and many of them had recently seen the Peanuts movie. Our older daughter had so much fun dressing up as Violet Gray who is one of Lucy's closest friends, and we even had a Little Red Haired Girl!

We also had a psychiatric help booth where Marguerite was giving her advice for 5 cents! We provided some instant cameras so the children could take their own pictures.


For the party favors the gang left with their painted ceramic dog house and a little striped bag filled with a Peanuts figurine, some blueberry sour beans and Snoopy washi tape.


"Again, may I say "Congratulations!" you are an inspiration to all the crabby people in the world!" - Linus Van Pelt to Lucy Van Pelt


Styling and Party Concept: Clafoutis


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 x Anne

Piggie & Gerald Posted on March 10, 2016 10:34

{ Marguerite's 4th Birthday Party }

My two daughters are big fans of Elephant and Piggie, the hilarious characters from Mo Willems' books. In one of his stories, 'I Am Invited To A Party!' Gerald and Piggie are so excited about their invitation, Gerald starts to give advice to Piggie on party attire. Spoiler alert!: The party ends up being a fancy costume pool party and thanks to Gerald the two friends get the dress code right. I thought it would be fun to recreate this for my daughters and their little friends, so I sent a copy of the book to each guest with the party invitation and asked them to come prepared ;-) It was the perfect occasion for them to wear their favorite costume, and I must say they didn't disappoint us! We had Elsa from Frozen, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, an astronaut, a movie star, a policeman, a firefighter, Merlin...

I created a 'sweet' table to reflect a bit of the craziness and chaos of the book; silly and festive! When I asked Marguerite what food she wanted to serve, she promptly and fittingly answered, "Pigs in a Blanket!" :-)

And of course there was a photo booth where all the props were edible. It was a huge hit!

For the cake we had our two favorite characters wearing their party costumes from the book, and of course we asked for a funfetti cake! PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

For entertainment the children took instant photos of themselves, and we colored some pages from Elephant and Piggie books. We also hosted a Genie who made the children laugh and giggle.

The take-home favors were a delicious "Elephant and Piggie" jelly bean mix which was a great complement to the adorable book we sent to each child before the party.

Styling and Party Concept: Clafoutis

x Anne

Fancy Fawn Posted on March 9, 2016 10:09

{ Marguerite's 3rd Birthday Party }

For this party, inspiration came from a pretty pink dress designed by Rachel Riley. The English brand is known for their bold use of vintage prints, and the Bambi print on the dress was just too cute to resist. It quickly became Marguerite's favorite dress and she was my little fancy fawn!

 We created felted masks for our little fawns to help them to get into character. They all looked so adorable!

For activities we made crafts and played pass the parcel. The gift was a plush fawn doll and we made sure that the birthday girl was the one to open it :-)

For the 'sweet' table I wanted to maintain a vintage look. I was charmed with the image of the fawn wearing a cake as a fancy hat from the birthday invitation. We had the birthday cake made to match that darling cake-hat and some of our decorated cookies matched as well. We added butterfly cookies, garden roses and voilà!


Oh Marguerite! We are so fawned of you!
Styling and party concept: Clafoutis
x Anne

Pink Circus Posted on March 2, 2016 13:52

{ Marguerite's 2nd Birthday Party }

The Pink Circus came to Town for my daughter Marguerite's second birthday! She is full of energy and always trying out bold accrobatics at the playground. In a few words, Marguerite fait le cirque, meaning she is always creating her own circus - et voilà we had our theme!

In addition to her wonderfully fun personality, inspiration also came from her Teddy Bear who wears a sweet party hat. Teddy seemed a little bit sad as if she left a party too soon. I knew this party would be just the thing to put a smile on her face!


A friend of mine who is a watercolorist in France painted Marguerite in her silk tutu, and her Teddy Bear in a Circus scene for us. She also integrated the harlequin patterned fabric that I used for my table's backdrop. We used the painting for the invitations and it was displayed on a wall for the party. The painting also served as a backdrop for taking pictures of Marguerite's little guests!



I love harlequin prints and used Annette Tatum's design to create a circus stage for our "Sweets Table." At the center of the table, I displayed Marguerite's Teddy and the cake - a very simple chocolate ganache, drizzled with more dark ganache on top. To add some pizzazz, I used our big golden sparklers. We also offered cookies decorated with a big initial M in Marquee font, miniature donuts, lemon madeleines, raspberry charlottes and a Ferris Wheel of candies!

For the children's table I used our e-Petite Boutique's pretty supplies and created fun party hats. We used our elegant Loulou Ghost chairs that are available to rent for parties we create for you!

As entertainment we had a silly clown, and held a raffle to win cute prizes. It was a lot of fun for our guests whose age ranged 2 to 6 years.

The Pink Circus left town, but Marguerite is still performing, and Teddy is smiling!
Styling and party concept: Clafoutis

Photography by Violaine Rogasik for Clafoutis

x Anne

Stop & Smell The Daisies! Posted on March 1, 2016 19:23

{ Marguerite's First Birthday Party }

I am pleased to introduce you to the Clafoutis Party Diary. As I style each event I have often thought about sharing them with my Clafoutis friends and hope the diary entries will interest you. Where should I start? We party all the time! 

Thanks to our wonderful clients we have been very busy and so lucky to have the opportunity to plan elegant and fun celebrations for them. We feel very fortunate to share these special moments with families and companies alike and make little dreams come true. We will try to post a few of them as we catch up between events. You will not find any pictures of children's faces here as we want to respect their privacy but trust us - lots of little faces are filled with large smiles and there are stars in their eyes!

At the moment I am working on my youngest daughter's birthday party. She is turning 5 next week and suddenly seems very grown-up to me. As nostalgia for her younger years kicks in I am looking back at some of her earlier parties. Let it be the start to our Party Diary!

For her first party we held a Daisy Brunch. With the arrival of Spring and the meaning of her first name - a marguerite is a daisy - our theme was easy to choose! We kept it sweet and simple - as simple as this wild and delicate flower. 



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x Anne