About Us


For NYC-based event planner, Anne Ligeard Murat, the Founder and Creative Director of Clafoutis, a bite of clafoutis transports her back to her childhood holidays in Le Berry, France. Anne spent her summer at her grandparents' country house and, although her grandparents lived a simple lifestyle, they made every day a celebration with the simplest details. Laying a table with antique linen, arranging hand-picked flowers and cooking alongside her grandmother gave her a style and attention to detail that loyal clients and celebrities love today.

These ties to her childhood have inspired the brand and style of Clafoutis today. The experience of living in Japan for several years also added to an appreciation of simple refinement and impeccable service. Anne lives in New York City and is the mother of two sweet muses who make every day a party and inspire her work! 

Clafoutis helps families celebrate every joyful moment and milestone with elegant and playful events. We are a business that prides itself on long-lasting relationships, and over the past decade, have grown up with the families we serve.  Just like her grandmaman's cakes, every Clafoutis party is designed with a simplicity that can only be created with a perfect mix of the right ingredients.

To bring home a taste of l’esprit de Clafoutis, you can simply shop the e-Petite Boutique, offering a carefully-curated selection of enchanting and unusual party goods  to inspire your next event. Or, hire Anne and her team to create the dream celebration for you!