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A clafoutis is a rustic French cake made with cherries baked in a pancake-like batter. Sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and served warm - the perfect dessert.

For Anne Ligeard Murat – the founder of the company – a clafoutis is her Proust's madeleine. A bite of delicious clafoutis transports her back to her childhood in the countryside of Le Berry in France where she would holiday each summer at her grandparents' house. Mémé Simone was an extraordinary grandmother - someone whom Anne loved and learned from. Every day was a celebration and Anne remembers hot summer days and that baking a clafoutis properly - her grandmother's way - made for a full day's activity! Mémé Simone knew just how to make things look pretty and fun - simple but with great attention to detail. Clafoutis continues her legacy by celebrating childhood through simple, thoughtful and elegant events.

Clafoutis will help you celebrate your child in a very unique way. We will bring all our creativity and ideas to surprise him or her in very thoughtful and stylish ways. We will be happy to style your child's next party or you can browse our e-Petite Boutique - a dream of a party store! We have carefully-selected unusual and enchanting goods to inspire you and for you to use for your next party.

Anne was born in France but is very much a New Yorker at heart. She also lived in Tokyo for four years - the stay in the city was a life-changing experience on so many levels! There she was spoiled with impeccable service – high standards that she replicates for her customers at Clafoutis. As well as being very creative Anne was trained as a mathematics teacher and taught in New York and Tokyo. Now she brings together her knowledge as an educator, her creativity and wonderful organization skills in her new business.

Anne is also the mother of two adorable muses who love to dress-up and who make every day a party!