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A Book To Illustrate - Where Do Monsters And Spiders Hide When They're Afraid?


Emile is a brave, little boy who is not afraid of scary spiders. Lili, his big sister, is not afraid of horrible monsters. They decide to help each other out - but where is the hiding place for all the scared spiders and monsters?

Your child will love this wacky story. The funniest part is yet to come: the story needs to be illustrated!

'Where Do Monsters And Spiders Hide When They're Afraid?' written by Sandra Lanilis and illustrated by your child is going to be a unique and charming edition!

You can choose the story in English or in French (Mais où se cachent les araignées et les monstres quand ils ont peur ?).

The booklet has 12 pages in heavy card stock. Part of the story is written at the bottom of each page leaving the rest blank for your child's illustrations.

Size: 4.25 x 7.75  inches