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Bonpoint Braderie - Summer 2017 Posted on May 04, 2017 14:16

Summer is here! It is time to get some pretty dresses and sandals.

Clafoutis is pleased to announce the dates of the semi-annual Bonpoint Braderie where you can shop the GORGEOUS collection from summer 2016, at 60% off.

See you there!

x Anne

Valentine's Day Cookie Workshop - Maman x Clafoutis Posted on February 06, 2017 17:26

Spend a sweet afternoon at Maman TriBeCa with Clafloutis, decorating Valentine's cookies and creating customized gifts with your little ones! Decorate sugar cookies with Maman's homemade icing & toppings while enjoying light bites and drinks for both kids and adults. Clafoutis party supplies will also be on display and available for purchase. Included is 3 sugar cookies per child to decorate and 2 custom gift boxes, hand written love notes as well as light bites & drinks. This workshop is for children 3+.
Limited spots available!

See you there!
x Anne

Princess Banquet Posted on December 27, 2016 15:50

{ Scarlett's 3rd Birthday Party }

When you are a true Princess, you don't just have a birthday, but rather a birthday week! We started the royal festivities at Scarlett's house in Manhattan. Scarlett had invited fifteen of her closest princess friends for afternoon tea and dress-up. 

Her beautiful palace provided the perfect setting for two lacy princess canopies, lined inside with her most special 'ladies in waiting'. Lush pillows were placed for lounging about (as true princesses do). As they arrived Scarlett's dear friends scrambled in to tutus and crowns from a handmade clothing rack. They then danced about the 'palace' and even had their make-up done. 


They were ready for a very special guest to arrive. I will never forget the look on Scarlett's face as the real Rapunzel descended the stairs of her home. We had Rapunzel hiding upstairs! Of course Rapunzel was as lovely and enchanting as ever and the girls were completely enamored with her. Scarlett asked if Rapunzel would like to visit her bedroom and they all disappeared. At Clafoutis we love these unexpected and special requests!

Then came the banquet! A long table dressed with the finest finishes, including table settings with floating princesses holding balloons which were waiting for the girls. Each little guest found a glittering crown and magical ribbon wand at her seat.

The delectable cake was presented with dancing princesses toppers and a glitter crowned number 3.

What a charming afternoon it was! Manhattan is famous for it's party girls and as they left all the little princesses were already dreaming of Scarlett's Fairy Party - 4 days later!

x Anne


Styling & Party Concept: Clafoutis

Photography: Aletiza Photography by Marcella Cussolin @aletizaphoto

For more inspiration, follow our * Princess * inspiration board

To recreate the look, visit our e-Petite Boutique 

Bonpoint Braderie - Fall 2016 Posted on October 02, 2016 22:25

The time is here! Clafoutis is pleased to announce the dates of the semi-annual Bonpoint Braderie where you can shop the GORGEOUS collection from fall/winter 2015, at 60% off.

See you there!

x Anne

Away With The Fairies Posted on September 27, 2016 13:46

{ Scarlett's 3rd Birthday Party }


Do you believe in fairies? Do you believe in fairies? DO YOU BELIEVE IN FAIRIES?

If Peter Pan had been in the Hamptons this summer and asked this question he would definitely have received a rapturous response. For one pretty summer’s day thirty little girls and boys who do believe in fairies gathered for a very special celebration.

“It is frightfully difficult to know much about the fairies, and almost the only thing for certain is that there are fairies wherever there are children.”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

Our New York City clients often invite us to arrange parties for them in the Hamptons too and Clafoutis loves to go to the seaside! It is always a pleasure for Clafoutis to have the opportunity to return and create parties year upon year as a child grows up. Birthday memories remain with a child and their families and we love to be part of this. 

People often ask me where the inspiration for our parties come from. Working closely with our clients for many years we get to know the children and learn a little of their hopes and dreams and are inspired by them. Fairies, of course, are everywhere if you know where to look. This time my inspiration also came from my own childhood in France, reading fairytales and playing dress-up with my own daughters, and our curated collection on Clafoutis’  e-Petite Boutique. We see our clients delight in choosing Tutu du Monde dresses topped with fairy wings and flowers crowns from our collection and their children turning in to fairies before our eyes.

I knew a fairy party would appeal to my client, Rebecca who has created a magical world for her own brand of clothing, LoveShackFancy. I had the pleasure of helping Rebecca with her daughter Scarlett's 2nd birthday party  and with the launch of her capsule collection for children in collaboration with Romy & The Bunnies. 


We got to work planning Scarlett's 3rd birthday! It would be in her own magical garden in the Hamptons. The morning of the party dawned but we were faced with threatening, grey clouds. Nervously we began setting up the gorgeous outdoor space with all of our fairyland creations. We draped gauzy butterfly-laced curtains around the outdoor day-beds and benches; only to scramble to bring everything inside an hour before the party when the heavens opened and it poured with rain. We quickly switched to Plan B - an indoor magical adventure party instead of an outdoor one. It seems Tinkerbell was up to her usual tricks however and minutes before the first guest arrived, the sun came out and the garden sparkled with dewy fairy drops of rain. Switch again! "Let's move it back outside!" and we did, just in time.


Upon arrival, the little girls were offered pretty, lace fairy wings with ribbons and floral garland headpieces. For the boys we had stylish black, glittering crowns. Then the children were off to the pool house to find fantastic crafts and activities to keep them busy. They created butterflies by using pastel watercolor paints on art paper, scrunching them in the center, and tying them with pipe-cleaner antennae. Paper butterfly mask painting was very popular too. Our team of talented face-painters created all kinds of magic on the children’s little faces - we saw lots of unicorns, stars, and butterflies appear out of the pool house! 


There is nothing better than a treasure hunt at a party. We created a 'Fairy Finds' hunt where the children were left clues by "the fairies”. These fairies had hidden little treasure chests full of sweets and keepsakes all over the garden. The children danced around finding wild raspberry candies, magic feathers, rosebuds, and even teeny bottles of fairy dust. Each child was given a pretty pouch to put their 'Fairy Finds' keepsakes in. Imagine: fairy guests flitting around the garden eager to find the next clue. Wearing their little wings and crowns with ribbons trailing behind them in the breeze, it was picture perfect.


The Fairy Princess Magic Show was also quite a hit. The little guests sat in rows on little benches covered with the softest lambskin throws. They were completely captivated whilst the talented storyteller and puppeteer entertained them. A musician playing a dear little banjo then struck up a tune and a parade began; a bunny-hop line of little fairies and their parents following him around the garden dancing to the music.

Did I mention that there was a pony too? They say ‘never work with children or animals’ but Clafoutis loves to work with both! The children sweetly lined up to ride on the magical pony (or was it a unicorn?) but the funniest moment was Scarlett's nanny also taking her turn!

Children and parents alike ate at our beautifully-set banquet table, complete with floral plates. A vintage table set the stage for the cake. The cake of ALL cakes - and delicious too! At Clafoutis the cake is a very important part of the party story. This fairy cake may be one of my favorites I have helped design alongside our favorite cake artist. A two tier strawberry shortcake cake complete with Fairy Scarlett herself seated under a toadstool in her magical garden and a circling flutter of butterflies. To enter the fairy house just knock on the on the fairy door with the magic number 3 on it at the base of the cake. My favorite moment of the party was watching a little guest solemnly try to open the fairy door and see inside! She believed in fairies. 



As we said goodbye, the worn-out fairies departed with glad hearts and wonderful favor bags filled with bracelets, bubbles, garden insects, and a beautifully-decorated cookie of the fairy's door. The tags read, "Never Grow Old!" -- we hope Scarlett never does!

x Anne

Styling & Party Concept: Clafoutis

Photography: Aletiza Photography by Marcella Cussolin @aletiza_2

For more inspiration, follow our * Garden Fairies * inspiration board

To recreate the look, visit our e-Petite Boutique 

Our party was also featured in MINIMODE, you can read the story here

May The 4th Be With You! Posted on May 27, 2016 15:04

{ Gabriel's 4th Birthday Party }

Turning 4 years old is a big deal, especially for Gabriel who loves the dark allure and excitement of STAR WARS and the innocence of Mr. Potato Head and puppet shows. Our brief was to create a fantastic party for the young New Yorker that would encompass both those passions for him. 

For the location we chose the historical Swedish Cottage in Central Park which offers wonderful puppet shows for youngsters, and has a classically rustic party room with large windows. There is nowhere like Central Park for a party but it has it's challenges. Everything has to be carried in by hand to the Cottage as there is no dropping off in the park. As I staggered across the park under the weight of a large "Yoda" cake I had to smile to myself and hope that Gabriel would be pleased!

Inspired by Gabriel's room at home we chose a palette of black, white, peacock blue and silver accents. The simple plates, cups, napkins, straws and flatware in those tones came from our e-Petite Boutique. We also used our chalkboard paper as long runners for the tables, embellished with stars from "somewhere in a galaxy far, far away."

We arranged delectable cookies and cupcakes decorated with Star Wars characters on our sweet table, along with pretzel Light Sabers. Darth Vader is Gabriel's favorite character so we found a large menacing Vader helmet balloon that hovered over the room and we used black and white balloon clusters which offered height and sparkle to the room with their mylar streamers. A life-size R2-D2 sat on the floor and was taller than most of the children!

We found a balloon artist who skillfully created light sabers and "Vader" masks for the guests. The face painter was also very popular, creating "Yodas" and "Leas" on little arms and cheeks!

At the end of the party, Gabriel was excited to send his friends home with "Star Wars" themed Mister Potato Heads. Storm Troopers, Yodas, Darth Vaders, and Princess Lea Potato Heads filled their take-home bags. I like to think Yoda would have been pleased with all our hard work - “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Styling and Party Concept: Clafoutis

Photography: Jami Saunders

x Anne

Bonpoint Sample Sale Posted on May 03, 2016 10:36

Bonpoint! Sighhh...

I assume full responsibility for my total weakness when it comes to the French brand with cherries. Having two girls, it is impossible for me to resist, but with 60% off, I have no more guilt!
See you there!
x Anne

It's Your Birthday, Lucy Van Pelt! Posted on March 15, 2016 23:33

{ Marguerite's 5th Birthday }

Good Grief! My little Marguerite turned 5!

With her short bob and her bangs,  her short temper, her crabby attitude - sometimes ;-), her love of social justice and advice on life, Marguerite has more than a little bit of the Lucy Van Pelt about her! She also loves the original Peanuts cartoons so for her fifth celebration we chose a Snoopy and Lucy Party!

I wanted to stay very close to the original comic and decided on a monochrome palette, a black and white look with touches of blue. Blue is Lucy's color and my daughter's favorite color. I ordered a little blue dress just like the one Lucy wears. Marguerite was Lucy!

For the decorations I created a cut-out Snoopy from board and drew bouquets of black and white balloons. I drew Snoopy holding flowers to make the look a little more feminine. Rather than adding too much color I decided on black and white paper flower bouquets that I also drew myself.


For the sweet table I designed a cake featuring our two little characters with the party invitation as the inspiration. Marguerite loves chocolate so it was a dark chocolate cake  with chocolate fudge filling and white chocolate frosting.

I also ordered her favorite treat of whoopie pies - and they were perfect with our monochrome look!

For the decorated cookies I wanted to recreate an edible comics with all the funny expressions that Lucy uses. The cookies were hilarious! The children were asking us to read their cookies ;-) We also had 3D characters cookies and adorable Woodstock cake bites.

For activities the children painted a ceramic Snoopy dog house and we watched Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown! (And Don't Come Back!!) in which Charlie Brown visits France. Our little guests adored the theme and many of them had recently seen the Peanuts movie. Our older daughter had so much fun dressing up as Violet Gray who is one of Lucy's closest friends, and we even had a Little Red Haired Girl!

We also had a psychiatric help booth where Marguerite was giving her advice for 5 cents! We provided some instant cameras so the children could take their own pictures.


For the party favors the gang left with their painted ceramic dog house and a little striped bag filled with a Peanuts figurine, some blueberry sour beans and Snoopy washi tape.


"Again, may I say "Congratulations!" you are an inspiration to all the crabby people in the world!" - Linus Van Pelt to Lucy Van Pelt


Styling and Party Concept: Clafoutis


  • For more inspiration, follow our * Peanuts * inspiration board.

 x Anne

Piggie & Gerald Posted on March 10, 2016 10:34

{ Marguerite's 4th Birthday Party }

My two daughters are big fans of Elephant and Piggie, the hilarious characters from Mo Willems' books. In one of his stories, 'I Am Invited To A Party!' Gerald and Piggie are so excited about their invitation, Gerald starts to give advice to Piggie on party attire. Spoiler alert!: The party ends up being a fancy costume pool party and thanks to Gerald the two friends get the dress code right. I thought it would be fun to recreate this for my daughters and their little friends, so I sent a copy of the book to each guest with the party invitation and asked them to come prepared ;-) It was the perfect occasion for them to wear their favorite costume, and I must say they didn't disappoint us! We had Elsa from Frozen, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, an astronaut, a movie star, a policeman, a firefighter, Merlin...

I created a 'sweet' table to reflect a bit of the craziness and chaos of the book; silly and festive! When I asked Marguerite what food she wanted to serve, she promptly and fittingly answered, "Pigs in a Blanket!" :-)

And of course there was a photo booth where all the props were edible. It was a huge hit!

For the cake we had our two favorite characters wearing their party costumes from the book, and of course we asked for a funfetti cake! PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

For entertainment the children took instant photos of themselves, and we colored some pages from Elephant and Piggie books. We also hosted a Genie who made the children laugh and giggle.

The take-home favors were a delicious "Elephant and Piggie" jelly bean mix which was a great complement to the adorable book we sent to each child before the party.

Styling and Party Concept: Clafoutis

x Anne

Fancy Fawn Posted on March 09, 2016 10:09

{ Marguerite's 3rd Birthday Party }

For this party, inspiration came from a pretty pink dress designed by Rachel Riley. The English brand is known for their bold use of vintage prints, and the Bambi print on the dress was just too cute to resist. It quickly became Marguerite's favorite dress and she was my little fancy fawn!

 We created felted masks for our little fawns to help them to get into character. They all looked so adorable!

For activities we made crafts and played pass the parcel. The gift was a plush fawn doll and we made sure that the birthday girl was the one to open it :-)

For the 'sweet' table I wanted to maintain a vintage look. I was charmed with the image of the fawn wearing a cake as a fancy hat from the birthday invitation. We had the birthday cake made to match that darling cake-hat and some of our decorated cookies matched as well. We added butterfly cookies, garden roses and voilà!


Oh Marguerite! We are so fawned of you!
Styling and party concept: Clafoutis
x Anne