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Princess Banquet

{ Scarlett's 3rd Birthday Party }

When you are a true Princess, you don't just have a birthday, but rather a birthday week! We started the royal festivities at Scarlett's house in Manhattan. Scarlett had invited fifteen of her closest princess friends for afternoon tea and dress-up. 

Her beautiful palace provided the perfect setting for two lacy princess canopies, lined inside with her most special 'ladies in waiting'. Lush pillows were placed for lounging about (as true princesses do). As they arrived Scarlett's dear friends scrambled in to tutus and crowns from a handmade clothing rack. They then danced about the 'palace' and even had their make-up done. 


They were ready for a very special guest to arrive. I will never forget the look on Scarlett's face as the real Rapunzel descended the stairs of her home. We had Rapunzel hiding upstairs! Of course Rapunzel was as lovely and enchanting as ever and the girls were completely enamored with her. Scarlett asked if Rapunzel would like to visit her bedroom and they all disappeared. At Clafoutis we love these unexpected and special requests!

Then came the banquet! A long table dressed with the finest finishes, including table settings with floating princesses holding balloons which were waiting for the girls. Each little guest found a glittering crown and magical ribbon wand at her seat.

The delectable cake was presented with dancing princesses toppers and a glitter crowned number 3.

What a charming afternoon it was! Manhattan is famous for it's party girls and as they left all the little princesses were already dreaming of Scarlett's Fairy Party - 4 days later!

x Anne


Styling & Party Concept: Clafoutis

Photography: Aletiza Photography by Marcella Cussolin @aletizaphoto

For more inspiration, follow our * Princess * inspiration board

To recreate the look, visit our e-Petite Boutique 

Oct 20, 2023

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