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It's Your Birthday, Lucy Van Pelt!

{ Marguerite's 5th Birthday }

Good Grief! My little Marguerite turned 5!

With her short bob and her bangs,  her short temper, her crabby attitude - sometimes ;-), her love of social justice and advice on life, Marguerite has more than a little bit of the Lucy Van Pelt about her! She also loves the original Peanuts cartoons so for her fifth celebration we chose a Snoopy and Lucy Party!

I wanted to stay very close to the original comic and decided on a monochrome palette, a black and white look with touches of blue. Blue is Lucy's color and my daughter's favorite color. I ordered a little blue dress just like the one Lucy wears. Marguerite was Lucy!

For the decorations I created a cut-out Snoopy from board and drew bouquets of black and white balloons. I drew Snoopy holding flowers to make the look a little more feminine. Rather than adding too much color I decided on black and white paper flower bouquets that I also drew myself.


For the sweet table I designed a cake featuring our two little characters with the party invitation as the inspiration. Marguerite loves chocolate so it was a dark chocolate cake  with chocolate fudge filling and white chocolate frosting.

I also ordered her favorite treat of whoopie pies - and they were perfect with our monochrome look!

For the decorated cookies I wanted to recreate an edible comics with all the funny expressions that Lucy uses. The cookies were hilarious! The children were asking us to read their cookies ;-) We also had 3D characters cookies and adorable Woodstock cake bites.

For activities the children painted a ceramic Snoopy dog house and we watched Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown! (And Don't Come Back!!) in which Charlie Brown visits France. Our little guests adored the theme and many of them had recently seen the Peanuts movie. Our older daughter had so much fun dressing up as Violet Gray who is one of Lucy's closest friends, and we even had a Little Red Haired Girl!

We also had a psychiatric help booth where Marguerite was giving her advice for 5 cents! We provided some instant cameras so the children could take their own pictures.


For the party favors the gang left with their painted ceramic dog house and a little striped bag filled with a Peanuts figurine, some blueberry sour beans and Snoopy washi tape.


"Again, may I say "Congratulations!" you are an inspiration to all the crabby people in the world!" - Linus Van Pelt to Lucy Van Pelt


Styling and Party Concept: Clafoutis


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 x Anne

Nov 05, 2018

I was just wondering if you made the invitations? I am having a hard time finding some and these are so cute!


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